Hi, I'm Seth Johnson

UTK Graduate

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My Favorite Topics


I have experience programming in C, C++, Python, Java, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I enjoy writing programs in a variety of languages and love challenging myself to learn new technologies. All of my work below utilizes a form of programming to complete the desired task.


Through earning a minor in Cybersecurity from UTK, I have learned the importance of Cybersecurity while developing applications. A security mindset while building software is a top priority to protect users and the software itself. Some of my work below shows ransomware, a USB keylogger, and phishing URL research.

Data Analytics

I enjoy data collection, cleaning, and analysis to find trends, improve efficiency, or make predictions using data. I like to use Python and SQL to gather and analyze datasets. My work below consists of analyzing phishing URLs and NFL game data to find trends within each.

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Who I am

Developer from Knoxville, TN

I am a Computer Science Graduate from the University of Tennessee who has a passion for Software Development, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, and all things computer-related.

I began my Computer Science journey in middle school, where I was introduced to building computers. This led me to want to learn more about how each part worked together to make up a computer system. Soon after, I found myself interested in programming, which influenced my decision to pursue Computer Science.

During my education, I enhanced my skills in many different programming languages, such as C, C++, Python, Java, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I have gained a deep understanding of how computers function on a low level. I have also gained an extensive understanding of software engineering, systems programming, data structures and algorithms, software security, and data analytics through my coursework at UTK.

UTK School

My Projects

A selection of my favorite projects

EPRI Logger

Embedded System

Weatherproof logging system for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) that accurately gathers light, temperature, and humidity readings over a period of a year without power loss.



Link-embedded ransomware virus program written in Python that encrypts user data. Utilizes symmetric encryption, unique keys, and victim-to-server TLS connection.

Phishing URL Research


Analysis of Google Safe Browsing, OpenPhish, and PhishTank blacklists to help understand how their sizes vary overtime, time between URL appearances, and correlation of website names.

USB Keylogger


Keylogger malware embedded into a PDF image on a USB drive. Once PDF image is clicked on, the hidden keylogger sends user input to my MongoDB server remotely.

NFL Data Analyzer

Data Analytics

Collection and analysis of a decade of NFL game data (wins, losses, streaks, game bets, etc.) using Python to assist in making future game predictions.


The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tickle College of Engineering, May 2023

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Cybersecurity

GPA: 3.74

Pellissippi State, May 2020

General Associate of Science

GPA: 3.41